Hotcakes: Another Sergey Titov Scam Pulled From Steam

Magnificent 5 has been removed from the Steam store.

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Hotcakes: New Frontier Online More Dead

Even more dead than it was before.

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Free Reign Has Already Abandoned Outbreak: New Dawn

Shuffles it off to another developer.

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MMO Rant: New Frontier Is Abandoned, No Updates In Six Months

Free Reign Entertainment’s latest fraud is abandoned.

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Outbreak New Dawn Alters Alpha Date At Last Minute

Sergey Titov’s new title is already not meeting deadlines.

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Early Access: Magnificent 5 Is A Magnificent Bomb

From the worst developer on the planet.

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Magnificent 5 Launches On Steam Into the Arms of Nobody

Magnificent 5 is the most embarrassing thing to tie its name to the western film series since Adam Sandler put out Ridiculous Six.

Since 2019-2020 seems to be the era of Battle Royale titles immediately failing out the gate, it was only a matter of time before Free Reign Entertainment, led by the least competent swindler in the history of gaming Sergey Titov, got into the fray. Magnificent 5 was already failing long before it came on to Steam, but now that the game is on the platform it has a whole new audience to take a look at it and say “no thank you.”

Don’t let the timer in the screenshot fool you, I spent more than two hours in queue on Steam launch day and couldn’t find a single game. The timer resets every hour. The estimated timer is seven days, not seven minutes. There are fourteen people online.

The good news is that Free Reign is already planning its next swindle. The company has listed on its New Frontier launcher a zombie survival game based in the New Frontier world. Yes the company that repackaged the same low quality zombie game over and over and over and over and over and over again is going to dip into the well and pull those zombie models out of retirement to do it one more time. Sergey Titov; a man who has been recycling the same trash for over a decade because somehow these things still make a bit of cash.

This game makes Cyber Watch look innovative.

New Frontier Officially Leaves Early Access

New Frontier is the current iteration of the fraud racket formerly known as Wild West Online, and as of this week it is officially in release mode. MMO Fallout has been covering New Frontier since the original shell company 612 Games was denying involvement from the industry’s most relentless shyster Sergey Titov (spoiler: He was and is involved). New Frontier was developed by Free Reign Entertainment who were behind the godawful reskin releases-slash-commercial failures that were Romero’s Aftermath, Shattered Skies, and Burstfire.

Don’t give Free Reign Entertainment money.

[Video] Magnificent 5 Exclusive 105 Minute Game Preview

Here at MMO Fallout, we strive to constantly bring you the most exciting content we can find on the internet. In lieu of that, today we have for you nearly an hour and forty five minutes of exclusive gameplay footage from Magnificent 5, the award winning battle royale spinoff title from the award winning Wild West Online.

Strap into your seats and have your secretary hold all calls, because you’re going to want to leave.

Editorial: Wild West Online Doesn’t Care, Can’t Even Be Bothered Cleaning Its Forums

Wild West Online, the latest racket supported by the industry’s lead fraudster Sergey Titov, has landed itself in a shallow grave along with all of Titov’s other half-baked products. Given Titov’s modus operandi when it comes to releasing games, Wild West Online has been abandoned not even half-finished and plans are already underway to launch a spin off! Yes, everyone’s favorite Wild West shooter will be made free to play and fired back onto the internet in the form of Frontiers, the base game, and Magnificent 5, the battle royale title.

As of this writing, Wild West Online has one player online on Steam. As for WWO Partners Ltd, or whatever new shell company Titov has set up to continue this game’s existence, they’ve stopped keeping up a facade of caring. The forums have descended into a mess of spam and scam links, and of the six staff members listed on the forums, nobody has bothered posting in nearly two months while most haven’t even logged in since May or earlier.

Which is all par for the course for Wild West Online and its predecessors.

Otherwise I have no opinion on the matter.

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