Hotcakes: Another Sergey Titov Scam Pulled From Steam

Magnificent 5 has been removed from the Steam store.

Sergey Titov, the gaming industry’s most incompetent programmer and prolific scam artist, has had yet another legacy scam title pulled from Steam. You may recall back in 2022 Valve booted the scam that was New Frontier, built from the remnants of another scam Wild West Online, from the platform after the developer let the game completely break. This week they have officially removed Magnificent 5, the scam battle royale spin off of the scam New Frontier.

Magnificent 5 launched in 2020 and was official proof that Titov’s career, at least here in the west, was dead. A battle royale launching to a jaw-dropping 55 player concurrent peak, Magnificent 5 immediately joined the graveyard of dead on arrival battle royale shovelware releases. Now it’s important to remember that this is a Sergey Titov scam, so there was never any intention of actually supporting the game post-launch. But Magnificent 5 was abandoned almost immediately with one update coming a month after launch and no patch notes after that. 

Free Reign Entertainment for their part appears to have gone defunct around mid to late 2020. Electronics Extreme, the company that took over development of Titov’s latest abandoned scam Outbreak: New Dawn, has evidently abandoned the title as it no longer appears on any of their websites. The only remnants of Free Reign Entertainment or any of its fraudulent shell corporations appear to be Southeast Asian publishers licensing the Infestation and Outbreak games for local releases. So Titov is probably just living off of royalties. Good for him, as long as he’s not scamming people with yet another clone of WarZ.

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