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IPE Update: Acceleration Bay Files MTD Against Epic Games

Nearly two months ago Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Acceleration Bay LLC seeking declaratory judgment from the court in regard to allegations that Epic was using technology owned by AB in one of its many patents. Acceleration Bay filed a motion to dismiss on lack of subject matter jurisdiction (wrong court) as well as […]

IPE: Glorious Saga’s Shutdown Message Sidesteps Developer’s Theft

China; it’s a country where intellectual properties are basically there to be stolen. Unfortunately for IP thieves, western companies have been having better luck in recent years winning major court victories against these copyright cretins. Case in point, Blizzard is taking on Sina Games and their very obvious ripoff of Warcraft; Glorious Saga. Glorious Saga […]

In Plain English: Youtube Hauls Copyright Troll Into Court

Youtube is finally taking the fight to copyright trolls and this week filed a lawsuit against an individual for allegedly abusing the DMCA takedown system in order to extort and harass Youtube creators into paying him money. The defendant is Christopher Brady, an individual residing in Omaha, Nebraska. According to a complaint filed in the […]

IPE Update: Trion Worlds Lawsuit Coming To A Close As Parties Agree On Settlement

(Update 8/10/19: Included some background information on the case for those who might not be as familiar) It’s finally over, folks. After nearly four years in court, the Trion Worlds lawsuit may finally be reaching its final days. Earlier this month in the superior court of San Mateo, California, dockets have been submitted to the […]

IPE Update: A List Of Companies Subpoena’d By Twitch

It’s time to talk about Twitch again, and that means the Twitch v. John Doe lawsuit. When last we left our heroes, Twitch had filed suit in the Northern District of California against one hundred John Doe defendants for federal trademark infringement, breach of contract, trespass to chattels, and fraud. The lawsuit targeted the antics […]

IPE Update: Amro Elansari Files Appeal In RuneScape Lawsuit

Posted with no comment. PDF version available here.

In Plain English: Epic and the Generic, Substance-Free Patent Troll

Epic Games is once again back in court, except this time they are taking on a more defensive tone. As of July 18, Epic Games has filed a lawsuit against Acceleration Bay LLC regarding some bad blood between the two companies that has boiled over in the past few years. According to court dockets filed […]

In Plain English: Court Throws Out Jagex Ban Lawsuit After Five Days

Today’s In Plain English is going to be a short one, but you’ll understand why when you see that the gist of it is about six sentences long. It comes to us from the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and involves everyone’s favorite developer of RuneScape: Jagex. Along with their parent company Shanghai Fukong, Jagex last […]

How To Avoid A Lawsuit #1: Fortnite Cheater Edition

Good afternoon, internet. In honor of my upcoming completely fictional cookbook “A Million Ways To Roast Twitter Users,” I have decided to put out a new column series expanding on the In Plain English brand. The series is titled “How To Avoid a Lawsuit” which you would know if you read the title of this […]

IPE Update: Epic Games Brings Financial Suplex On Counterfeiters

It may not surprise you, the enlightened MMO Fallout reader, to hear that none of Epic’s roughly one thousand (Chinese and otherwise) defendants showed up or even answered the summons to appear in court regarding a lawsuit for Fortnite counterfeit merchandise. I talked about this briefly at the end of April and haven’t issued much […]

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