IPE: Angela Copied “Substantial Portions”

Of Snail Games code.

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IPE Update: Angela Game Cries Bankruptcy

Snail Games reveals in recent lawsuit filings.

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IPE: Bob Zeidman Hired On Myth of Empires Case

Independent consultant to determine if code is indeed stolen.

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Myth v. Ark Goes To Ninth Circuit Court

As judge refuses to lift injunction.

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IPE: Snail Games Sues Angela, Tencent

Responds to demand for declaratory judgment with a lawsuit of its own.

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Snail Games DMCA Spawns Lawsuit

California court asked for a declaratory judgment.

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Steam: Myth of Empires Gets A DMCA

Snail Games says it’s stolen code.

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Wushu Chronicles 2 Is Out, And Very Chinese

So Chinese you can almost taste it.

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Vaporware Thursday: Remember Age of Wushu 2?

Games that definitely got cancelled at one point.

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Age of Wushu Merging Servers


Snail Games yesterday performed a server merge on Age of Wushu to address the game’s low population. January 7th marked the mergers of the White Tiger and Golden Kirin servers into the Blue Dragon server. As a result of the merger, all Jianghu rankings were reset as well as school rankings, NPC relationships, and guild territory.

You can read more at the FAQ posted below.

(Source: Snail Games)

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