Steam: Myth of Empires Gets A DMCA

Snail Games says it’s stolen code.

Myth of Empires has been removed from Steam this week, but shockingly it’s not the result of Valve swinging the banhammer. If you haven’t heard of Myth of Empires, the game is an open world survival sandbox developed by Angela Games and published by Antiidelay. Over seven thousand players gave it a 76% mostly positive rating, and at this very moment on Steam the game has over 24 thousand concurrent users online.

So I know what you’re thinking; what’s the big deal?

Snail Games is the big deal. Myth of Empires found itself homeless earlier this week as Snail Games issued a rare DMCA takedown notice for a Steam game. The company is claiming that Myth of Empires was created using stolen code from Ark: Survival Evolved. According to the claim, Angela Games was founded by an ex-Snail Games employee who had stolen code and used it in Myth of Empires. As a result, Snail Games is claiming that the same code can be found in both titles.

Angela Games for their part has wholly denied the accusations and is working to get the game restored to Steam. All details regarding the source of the claim as well as the details of the takedown sourced by PC Gamer.

Source: PC Gamer

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