IPE: Angela Copied “Substantial Portions”

Of Snail Games code.

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IPE Update: Angela Game Cries Bankruptcy

Snail Games reveals in recent lawsuit filings.

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Myth of Empires Launches Season Servers

Do seasonal things.

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IPE: Bob Zeidman Hired On Myth of Empires Case

Independent consultant to determine if code is indeed stolen.

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Myth of Empires Announces Vanguard Edition

Coming soon but not on Steam.

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OFM #7: Old Man Issues

Never get old in the brain.

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Myth v. Ark Goes To Ninth Circuit Court

As judge refuses to lift injunction.

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OFM Episode #5: Witcher Spam & Blackmail

New episode of the podcast is up.

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Myth of Empires To Bypass DMCA Takedown

Sell on its own website.

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Snail Games DMCA Spawns Lawsuit

California court asked for a declaratory judgment.

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