New World Reveals Blunderbuss Gun

Blunderbuss? Fitting.

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Myth of Empires Announces Vanguard Edition

Coming soon but not on Steam.

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Snapshots: The Llambro Is Here

Fortnite’s latest cosmetic pack.

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Jagex Opens (Limited) Members Skills To Free Players


In 2012, Jagex opened up a 14-day free trial for free to play players. The account is limited in regards to trading and acquiring items, and once the 14-day free trial ends, any items that are members only are unable to be used until that player purchases a subscription. With today’s release of the March developer blog, Jagex has announced some upcoming changes to the way free players are able to experience membership without the need to actually pay. Instead of a 14-day trial, free players will have access to a limited amount of the members world, as well as very limited access to members skills.

Talking of free players, we’re changing the trial system so that new players once again start off as a free player. To do this, we’re making Burthorpe and Taverley part of the free game, as well as the associated quests and training areas within it. We are also allowing free players to train members’ skills up to a maximum of level 5, giving them a taster of the kind of content there is on offer for players who subscribe.

The blog post also details Jagex’s continued fight against player-run gambling outfits.

Other alterations we intend to make this month are changes centred around the flower games and associated ‘risk’ gameplay that currently dominates the Grand Exchange. Exactly what these changes are and what form they take is going to be up to you – we’ve built a variety of solutions from rules changes, content changes and even our own versions of the games – and we’re planning on chatting to you to work out what solution works best for the community. Keep an eye on the news for details.

You can find the full list of scheduled updates for March at the link below.

(Source: RuneScape)

Mortal Online: Big News Monday!

Oh Henrik...

Mortal Online is reaching the final days to make its launch date of September 09 November ’09 December ’09 January ’10 February ’10 March 2010, and depending on who you ask, the game is either ready to go gold, spinning in its grave, dead in its grave, or pre-alpha build (thanks to the random internet trolls specialists who have never regularly see pre-closed beta builds of MMOs.). Either way, Mortal Online is quickly falling into a desperate situation. The longer Star Vault goes without launching the title, the less funding the company receives, and money does not come easily for indie companies of any caliber.

Henrik Nystrom has an announcement to make, and he is making it on Monday, when MMO Fallout will certainly be ready to hear what he has to say. According to a forum post, Mortal Online’s status, update, release, and more will be discussed. What do you think he will talk about? Is there another delay coming or will Star Vault go cold turkey on not making people pay to play, and launch?

I would also like to respond to someone who emailed in asking me to comment on which title will fall first, Alganon or Mortal Online, and my answer is: For shame. This is MMO Fallout, where the question is not “who will fail” but “whose stories will get Omali more hits,” and I am afraid to say that that rank goes to Conan’s breasts and, for some odd reason, people looking to hack Aion accounts (I can see your search terms, people).

More on Mortal Online as it appears…more specifically, this Monday.

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