New World Kills Its Forums, Lost Ark To Follow

Discussion moves to Discord.

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New World Launches First Seasonal Update

Season 1.

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New World: The Latest Merger List

New World server mergers.

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New World Releases Heatmap Before Update

How bad is your server going to suck?

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Lost Ark Preps For 16 Hour Maintenance

For those unlucky enough to be getting merged.

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Amazon Says Fine, Unmergers Your Servers

New World gets new servers to replace the ones they merged.

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New World Killing Off Most Servers

As game drops below 20k concurrent.

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Lost Ark Admits Heartbreak Tasks Are Boring

Reduces time.

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Lost Ark Details Another Compensation Pack

So soon? So soon.

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Lost Ark Is Adding Captcha Pictures

What is this, 2003 Proboards?

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