Sony Announces Project Leonardo Controller

Controller for players with disabilities.

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Sony Launches PlayStation Loyalty Program

Show your loyalty and get rewarded with tchotchkes.

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Video: Mordhau Console Trailer

That’s for Mordhau on consoles.

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PlayStation Veterans Form Liithos, Go Web 3.0

Warm up those “there goes my interest” comments.

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Not Massive: Sony Lays Out PS+ Games

More games announced for PlayStation Plus.

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Free Stuff To Play: January 14 Edition

Some free crap.

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Nexon Announces KartRider Drift

Closed beta coming in December.

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2021 Holiday Hardware Buyer’s Guide

MMO Fallout’s guide to holiday buying.

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Sony Gaming Losses Driven By PS5 Sales Price

Sony profits down despite increase in sales.

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H1Z1 Broken, Still No Season 10

Months down the line.

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