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Black Desert (PS4) Patches In Awakened Skills For Tamer/Striker

Are you ready to get awoke? Pearl Abyss today announced the release of awakened skills for the Tamer and Striker class on Playstation 4’s Black Desert. Striker Awakened Skills Echo Spirit – Summon the Striker’s spiritual alter-ego to bring down the apocalypse onto enemies. Infernal Destruction – Bring down enemies with a leg-sweep followed by […]

Pre-Reg For Black Desert Mobile, Get Free Copy On PC/Console

Following a successful pre-registration campaign, Black Desert Mobile is set to launch globally on December 11. Currently soft launched in seven countries, Black Desert Mobile is hitting iOS and Android at the end of the year and bringing with it new gameplay features in nine languages. To celebrate the campaign, all pre-registrations through the official […]

Striker/Tamer Out Now On Black Desert (PS4)

Today marks the launch of two new classes in Black Desert on the Playstation 4; the Striker and Tamer. The Striker class is a melee fighting class that specializes in hand-to-hand attacks to bring down his enemies. The Tamer as you might expect is joined by her animal companion and utilizes powerful area of effect […]

Mystic Character Class Available In Black Desert (Xbox)

Black Desert today released a new update introducing the Mystic class to the Xbox One. The Mystic utilizes the gauntlets and vambrace and prefers close combat. More information can be found at the official website.

Desert Dragon World Boss Comes To Black Desert PS4

Black Desert has a new world boss on PS4 in the form of Nouver. Pearl Abyss released the new boss earlier this week along with a new world boss timetable. World bosses spawn across all worlds simultaneously and share their HP across all servers. Nouver drops a sub-weapon box that contains powerful items allowing players […]

[Video] Black Desert (Xbox) Gets Tamer Class

Black Desert on Xbox One just got handed a big new update as Pearl Abyss releases the Tamer class. The Tamer makes her way to Black Desert. Accompanied by her legendary beast Heilang, the tamer wields a Shortsword and a Trinket to demolish her enemies. Those who are still standing once the tamer unleashes her […]

Black Desert Sees Second Major Update

Pearly Abyss this week launched the second major update for Black Desert on Playstation 4. The update introduces Awakening status for all ten classes, as well as two new classes and a new region. Awakening is a feature that permanently boosts a character’s power and allows them to unlock new skills and abilities. The two […]

Pearl Abyss Launches Full Megan Fox Trailer For Black Desert

Who loves Black Desert? Megan Fox does. Pearl Abyss today launched the full Black Desert trailer featuring Transformers star Megan Fox. The full trailer dubbed “Follow the Light” will be aired on national television spots. Check it out and revel in how much the Sorceress Class looks a lot like Megan Fox.  

Black Desert PS4 Adds New Classes, World Boss

Black Desert on PS4 is launching a new update that will see two new classes, a world boss, and more content added to the game. In addition to the Dark Knight and Musa classes, players will also be able to take on the world boss Kzarka Dark Knight wields intense power gained by burning nature’s […]

[Video] Megan Fox Talks About Black Desert

Who do you think about when someone says Black Desert? Precisely, Megan Fox. Megan reveals her inspiration for partnering with Pearl Abyss, and the hope she has for young women who can become their true selves with games like Black Desert. Check it out right above all of this text. For more information on Black Desert, […]

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