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Pearl Abyss Launches Full Megan Fox Trailer For Black Desert

Who loves Black Desert? Megan Fox does. Pearl Abyss today launched the full Black Desert trailer featuring Transformers star Megan Fox. The full trailer dubbed “Follow the Light” will be aired on national television spots. Check it out and revel in how much the Sorceress Class looks a lot like Megan Fox.  

Black Desert PS4 Adds New Classes, World Boss

Black Desert on PS4 is launching a new update that will see two new classes, a world boss, and more content added to the game. In addition to the Dark Knight and Musa classes, players will also be able to take on the world boss Kzarka Dark Knight wields intense power gained by burning nature’s […]

[Video] Megan Fox Talks About Black Desert

Who do you think about when someone says Black Desert? Precisely, Megan Fox. Megan reveals her inspiration for partnering with Pearl Abyss, and the hope she has for young women who can become their true selves with games like Black Desert. Check it out right above all of this text. For more information on Black Desert, […]

Diaries From Velia: Fishing Black Desert (PS4)

(Disclaimer: I was provided a review copy of Black Desert on PS4. This has no bearing on my coverage.) One thing I love about Black Desert is the sheer amount of stuff to do and the complicated nature of it. Let’s take fishing for example. You go into Velia which is one of the first […]

Black Desert Launches on PS4 With Celebrity Endorsement

Black Desert is here and it has some celebrity chops behind it. Launch day is here for Black Desert on the Playstation 4 and Pearl Abyss is breaking out the celebrity collaborations. Actress Megan Fox has talked about her love of Black Desert in previous interviews and has worked with Pearl Abyss to create a […]

Black Desert Launches Into Head Start On PS4

Good news, everyone! You Playstation gamers looking to get your hands on Black Desert are finally in luck, as the game has just gone into head start on PS4 before the full launch on August 22. If you want to take part, you can go ahead and pick up one of the starter packs available […]

Black Desert Adds In Archer Class, New Region, Fairy Follower

Black Desert Online is making big updates this week with a free to play weekend to go along with it. First among the list of new content is the addition of the archer class. The archer brings his bow to the fight and makes his entrance along with the forest region of Kamasylvia. While you […]

Black Desert: Be A Ninja, Right Now

Do you want to be a ninja? Of course you do. Pearl Abyss today announced the release of the latest class for Black Desert on the Xbox One and unlike with the Shai class, you won’t need to go through the hullabaloo of pre-making your character for when it launches in a few weeks. It’s […]

Black Desert Launches on PS4 August 22

Pearl Abyss today announced that pre-order editions of Black Desert are now available for Playstation 4 ahead of the official launch date of August 22. Packages will be 10% off for Playstation Plus members, and include various extra goodies including early access. Playstation 4 Pro users can also enjoy 4K support, an expansive game world […]

[Video] Shai Character Class Comes To Black Desert

Pearl Abyss today announced that the latest character class Shai is now available in Black Desert on the Xbox One. Shai wields a florang (boomerang) and a Vitclari, a powerful ornament that heals and protects her allies. Shai is an expert in gathering and alchemy and is the first class to be able to create […]

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