Video: Black Desert Mobile Drops Drakania

New class.

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Pearl Abyss Warns of Fake PR Firm

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Black Desert Online Celebrate Six Years

That’s six years.

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Video: Black Desert Online Sage Class

Coming soon to a video game near you.

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Black Desert Online Community Votes In Pathing


Daum has posed a simple question to its players: Would you like it to be possible to auto-path allowing players to level up stats while away from their keyboard?

We wanted to put up a simple poll to get an idea of how many people would like to see the Auto-Path Loop feature added to our version.  For those who have not seen this feature, it allows you to make a series of marks on the map that create a green pathing line, once laid out your character will follow this course repeatedly.  If you do this with a mount you are given the option to auto eat carrots to keep your horses stamina up.  Overall this mechanic allows you to level your breath, strength, and horse while AFK.

So far, 84% of the voters have replied yes, more than two thousand as of this article being published. The proposal has been applauded by many as an alternative to reduce the tedium of training the associated stats, as well as allowing merchants to train horses to higher levels to make them more available on the open market.

(Source: Black Desert Online)

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