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Google Gives Us Another Reason To Have No Faith In Stadia

Google Stadia is one of the few places where your money would be better invested in Enron stocks or Zimbabwe currencies. Now, those of you who read MMO Fallout will know that I consider Google Stadia to be a multi-million dollar scam. Here you have a company selling you a service where you are forced […]

ArcheAge Unchained Is Here For You Pay To Win Haters

ArcheAge Unchained is here and the servers are already being pounded like a Salvation Army drum. Unchained has been in the works for a couple of years now and aims to provide a different service for ArcheAge players who wish to avoid the pay to win aspects of the main game. As a buy to […]

Gamigo Immediately Cans Plans For Gifting Premium Items in ArcheAge Unchained

Gamigo has dumpstered an idea so fast, the news was barely able to report the original story. Today’s ArcheAge stream caused a bit of an uproar when Gamigo announced that they were going to allow gifting premium items from the cash shop on ArcheAge Unchained. Since Unchained is supposed to be the version that didn’t […]

Desert Dragon World Boss Comes To Black Desert PS4

Black Desert has a new world boss on PS4 in the form of Nouver. Pearl Abyss released the new boss earlier this week along with a new world boss timetable. World bosses spawn across all worlds simultaneously and share their HP across all servers. Nouver drops a sub-weapon box that contains powerful items allowing players […]

RuneScape and Old School Announce Updates At Runefest

This past weekend was Runefest and that means big updates coming for both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape. First up the big news is that RuneScape is getting a new skill. Archaeology will see players digging up fossils and all sorts of relics and powerful objects that have been lost to time. Archaeology is set […]

Runefest 2019: Jagex To Discuss New Skill (Archaeology) Today (10/5)

This weekend kicked off Runefest, Jagex’s festival to all things RuneScape. If you want to see some cosplay, buy some merch, and play RuneScape with other people who also enjoy RuneScape enough to fly to England and buy a ticket to a weekend convention, you’ve come to the right place. Among the upcoming content to […]

Planetside Arena Already Adjusting For Low Population Matches

Planetside Arena Squads mode can handle up to 300 people per match, but at the rate the game is going Daybreak Game Company can only hope that the entire population of the game hits half that number. In the few weeks since the Planetside battle royale spinoff launched, the game’s population has plummeted and is […]

Destiny 2 Explodes On Steam, Six Figure Traffic

This may come as a massive surprise, but Destiny 2 has launched on Steam alongside its free to play update and players are flocking to the game in droves. The PC servers have attained over 220,000 peak concurrency in the past couple of days and people seem to be pretty happy. Current review scores for […]

[Mobility] X-Men Update Comes To Marvel Future Fight

Netmarble today issued an update to the super hero mobile game Marvel Future Fight that unlocks the potential functionality for Magik and adds in all new X-Men Phoenix Five uniforms for Magik and Namor. The update also includes a 40% discount on all uniforms from October 1 through 7. From October 1 through 9, agents […]

[Video] Black Desert (Xbox) Gets Tamer Class

Black Desert on Xbox One just got handed a big new update as Pearl Abyss releases the Tamer class. The Tamer makes her way to Black Desert. Accompanied by her legendary beast Heilang, the tamer wields a Shortsword and a Trinket to demolish her enemies. Those who are still standing once the tamer unleashes her […]

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