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RuneScape and Old School Announce Updates At Runefest

This past weekend was Runefest and that means big updates coming for both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape. First up the big news is that RuneScape is getting a new skill. Archaeology will see players digging up fossils and all sorts of relics and powerful objects that have been lost to time. Archaeology is set […]

Runefest 2019: Jagex To Discuss New Skill (Archaeology) Today (10/5)

This weekend kicked off Runefest, Jagex’s festival to all things RuneScape. If you want to see some cosplay, buy some merch, and play RuneScape with other people who also enjoy RuneScape enough to fly to England and buy a ticket to a weekend convention, you’ve come to the right place. Among the upcoming content to […]

RuneScape: One Third Of Revenue Comes From Microtransactions

There is a lot to unpack from this week’s DCMS report, but gamers might be interested in a tidbit of information that came out about RuneScape’s revenue model. The DCMS inquiry had a major focus on immersion, addiction, and particularly people spending a lot of money on microtransactions. With Jagex being a UK-based developer, it […]

Jagex Cancels Weapon Diversity Update, At Least For Now

Jagex today announced that they are cancelling the weapon diversity update, a project that had been in beta for the last month. The weapon diversity program was meant to differentiate weapons from one another on a more solid grounding, but the major impression was that the update just wasn’t transformative enough. Most changes were being […]

In Plain English: Court Throws Out Jagex Ban Lawsuit After Five Days

Today’s In Plain English is going to be a short one, but you’ll understand why when you see that the gist of it is about six sentences long. It comes to us from the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and involves everyone’s favorite developer of RuneScape: Jagex. Along with their parent company Shanghai Fukong, Jagex last […]

Jagex Hides AFK Magic Trainers From New Players

Jagex is very concerned with how new players take in their first few minutes in RuneScape, and they are kind of concerned regarding the impression players are getting from logging in and seeing the starting area full of players in high level armor fighting rats. Magic splashing is a widespread method of training the skill, […]

PSA: [RuneScape] For People Stuck In the Desperate Times Quest

I wanted to post this PSA for those of you who, like me, waited until this week’s update to finish the RuneScape quest Desperate Times. At one point in the quest you’ll get to the area from the quest Missing, Presumed Death, and get stuck. Why? Well you’ll get to the area above and not […]

Old School RuneScape Cans Partnership Poll After Overwhelming Disapproval

Jagex has thrown out a poll after only two days after Old School RuneScape players overwhelmingly rejected the company’s proposal for partnership-integrated items. The poll went up on July 3 and contained over 20 questions asking players if they would approve of various items from emotes to skin colors and teleport animations being added in […]

Jagex Launches Dedicated Website For Land Out Of Time

The next big update to RuneScape is on its way, in fact it is being released this coming Monday! In preparation for the update, Jagex has launched a dedicated website for Land Out Of Time where players can find more information on the coming update. Land Out Of Time is the latest expansion of RuneScape’s […]

Jagex Hires Melissa Bachman-Wood As Aggressive Recruitment Continues

Way back in April Jagex announced an aggressive recruitment project that would see the company expanding by 25% over the course of the year. Today, Jagex has expanded on its recruitment by announcing multiple senior level hires starting with Melissa Bachman-Wood who is coming on as vice president of studio. Bachman-Wood brings over 20 years […]

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