OSRS Votes For New Sailing Skill

First new skill to be added to the game.

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Old School RuneScape Drops Deets On 2023

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Old School RuneScape Gets Fresh Start Worlds


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Old School RuneScape Announces Next Raid

Tombs of Amascut.

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Old School RuneScape Re-Runs Deadman In May

Following 2021’s debacle.

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Old School RuneScape Balances Leagues

Players should log in for their refunds.

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OSRS Launches Leagues, Immediately Breaks

Servers coming back up.

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OSRS Begins Taxing Grand Exchange

Uses that income to buy out players of certain items.

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Jagex Hires Real World Economists In RuneScape

And they have some economy suggestions.

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Jagex Delays OSRS Leagues To 2022

Shattered Relics will now launch in January.

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