Old School RuneScape Gets Fresh Start Worlds


Old School RuneScape is following its RuneScape 3 big brother by releasing fresh start worlds. Unlike RuneScape 3 however the OSRS fresh start servers don’t give an experience boost. You can however compete with people who have no lives to hit worlds firsts on the new servers. After six months your character is pushed to the live servers to continue playing.

“We’re so excited to launch Old School RuneScape’s Fresh Start Worlds” says Mark Killey executive producer for Old School RuneScape, “Following Fresh Start Worlds for RuneScape, it’s great we can launch a similar, but more specialised, experience for our Old School players. We want to really capture the magic starting a journey in a brand new world where there is everything to play for and the potential for limitless adventures.”

Source: RuneScape press release

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