GaaS: V Rising Adds Offline Mode

Also sells one million copies.

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GaaS: eFootball 2022 Reviews Going Up

People are actually starting to enjoy it now.

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GaaS: Did You Notice Lost Ark’s Pass Price?

Funny thing about that.

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GaaS: Godfall Is On Steam Now

For those of you really holding out.

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Bad GaaS: Stadia Click To Play Is A Must

What the platform should have aimed for.

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Bad GaaS: Chocobo GP Premium Currency Expires

After five months.

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Fortnite Adds Pizza Party Consumable

Fleens? You’re not Fleens. Whoever you are, make me a pizza!

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Halo: Infinite’s Next Event Is Here

Cyber Showdown provides a showdown in the cyber space.

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Halo: Infinite Lowering Prices

Cash shop items will be cheaper and more reasonable.

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GaaS: Aliens: Fireteam Elite Season 2 Hits

Today in fact.

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