Soulworker Makes Shop Costumes Untradeable

January 19.

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Lost Ark Yanks Unintentional Cash Shop Package

It wasn’t supposed to be sold.

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Halo: Infinite Lowering Prices

Cash shop items will be cheaper and more reasonable.

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ArcheAge Unchained Becoming A Subscription MMO

Once Kakao Games takes over.

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Neverwinter Sells Solution To Problem It Made

Because balance of the game is important, but not as important as money.

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Konosuba Partners With Soulworker

A collaboration of collaborations.

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Peace In Bless Unleashed Costs Just $2/hr

Two dollars an hour for not getting attacked.

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New World Details Cash Shop Plans

Non-cosmetics won’t be in the game until 2022 at the earliest.

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Hotcakes: Embrace The New World Pay To Win

Amazon opened itself up for future microtransactions.

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Magic Legends Teases Cosmetic Price Hike

Cosmetic bundle will go up by 100% if you don’t buy it before launch.

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