Halo: Infinite Lowering Prices

Cash shop items will be cheaper and more reasonable.

If you happen to be in the category of gamers who think that the Halo: Infinite cash shops sucks, you’re in luck. According to a recent slate of Twitter posts by Jerry Hook, head of design at 343, the team is implementing some changes to the cash shop to make it less frustrating for the average user.

Set to hit Tuesday, the big change people should be happy to hear is that prices are being reduced while more items are added to bundles, and bundle items being more readily available without buying the bundles.


While the gameplay of Halo: Infinite has been pretty universally positive, the game has come under a lot of criticism over the cost of its cash shop and the value provided by the items on sale. It’s good to know that the 343 team is at least paying attention and making changes, as we saw with the recent return of the Tenrai event where items intended for the cash shop were instead added to the free pass, alongside improvements to the speed at which players could level it up.

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