Z1BR Never Reactivated Trading

As if we needed a reminder.

For how much glamor EG7 gives H1Z1 and Z1BR in their quarterly reports, calling it a big part of their portfolio and talking about wanting to invest more in it, they certainly haven’t shown any interest in actually investing in either game. Now we know that nobody is working on either version, and we know that Robin Flodin was all about bringing the game back until he was summarily fired last year, and we know that H1Z1 has been teasing Season 10 of its battle pass for the better part of the last year.

Last year I wrote about Z1BR having its trading shut off after someone figured out a way to duplicate items. Depending on who you ask, this explanation isn’t quite honest and it’d be more truthful to say that a probably now-ex-employee was just duplicating the items using admin powers and distributing them. That was April 6, 2021.

Daybreak never fixed the duplication or reenabled the market.

Check your inventory and you’ll notice the section for Z1 Battle Royale is missing. Try to buy anything in the marketplace and you’ll get an error that your inventory is full. Try to list an item for sale and that doesn’t work either. The Z1BR Twitter account has not acknowledged any of this since the trading was first disabled.

I spent $5 to top up my Steam account to write this article.

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