EverQuest II Launches Renewal of Ro Expansion

You too can renew some Ro.

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EverQuest II Reveals Renewal of Ro

Delicious caviar-based expansion to hit.

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EverQuest II Launches Myths & Monoliths

Update #120

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Planetside 2 Launches Surf & Storm Update

Update out today.

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Darkpaw Dissolves Drunder, Deletes Data

Bans everyone.

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Diaries From: I Played H1Z1 Again

Daybreak’s flagship game.

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Robin Flodin Completely Bought Out Of EG7

Solidifies owner’s ownership.

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EverQuest Details Upcoming Updates

And other stuff.

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Planetside 2 Launches Oshur On PS4

Oh sure they did.

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EverQuest Turns 23 Years Old

Play the festivities.

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