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DC Universe Online Launches On Switch

Time to play the Switch. DC Universe Online is now available on the Switch, for those of you keeping track of the countdown timer on this website. The game launches free to play with a dedicated Switch server (sorry, no cross-play) and is up to date with content on other platforms.

DC Universe Celebrates Sixth Anniversary

As incredible as it may sound, DC Universe Online has been around for six years, and is planning on kicking off a new year with plenty of anniversary celebrations. As part of the event, players travel to a new version of Metropolis in order to fight off a Qwaridian invasion from another universe. The event […]

MMOrning Shots: Halloweenie Roast

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from DC Universe Online, where Halloween is around the corner and on every streetlight. Fight demons, earn money made out of candy corn (what else are you going to do, eat it?), and nab yourself some fancy Halloween items. Try not to get spooked by MMOring Shots every Monday, […]

DC Universe Adds Microtransactions

I’d love it if WordPress didn’t write my URL before I’ve finished writing the title for the post. DC Universe today launched its move into microtransactions. Right now the game only offers three items, with more on the way no doubt. The items are proto-bots offering convenient repair on the go, vault tickets offering access […]

Super Servers Sounds Better Than Server Merger

I have a new goal: Find the guy who writes Sony’s press releases, and hire him to the MMO Fallout team. In an announcement today on Sony’s website came the revelation of four “super servers,” to reduce queue times, delivered in a much more positive fashion than “we’re merging servers.” We have heard your concerns […]

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