DCUO Addresses Exploit Punishment

On recent exploit.

DC Universe Online revealed more information on action taken against players who took advantage of a recent exploit. Foremost Daybreak revealed that they are permanently banning egregious offenders, repeat exploiters, and dummy accounts. For players who aren’t banned however who exploited to a certain degree, they can expect their items to be completely reset.

This is in replacement of the prior plan to just permanently ban everyone.

We are not moving forward with the blanket permanent bans because of the nature of the exploit and the number of first-time offenders with high playtimes. In many ways, logging in to see your experience vaporized should be more devastating than simply moving on, and we believe this action is a more proportional response.

Meanwhile those players who were not cheating will receive a package containing the following goodies. A thank you for not being a bastard coated bastard with bastard filling.

  • 6500 Ally Favor
  • 1 Reinforced Nth Metal
  • 1 Perfected Exobyte Mega Pack
  • 1 Seal of Completion
  • 2 Seal of Preservation Packs
  • 35 Source Marks

Source: DC Universe Online

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