EverQuest 2 Drops Empire of Antiquity

New content.

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DC Universe Online Announces Update 45

Shock to the System

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Diaries From: I Played H1Z1 Again

Daybreak’s flagship game.

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Daybreak Has Cancelled Its Marvel Game

Writes off millions in losses from the doomed project.

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EverQuest 2 Announces Coffers and Coffins

Update coming this month.

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Gamigo Parent Buys Into Daybreak Games

Now owns 8% of outstanding shares.

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DC Universe Online Drops Wonder Woman Day

On live servers.

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EverQuest 2 Teases Visions of Vetrovia

Yes they are still coming out.

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EG7 Will Host Video Presentation On Sept. 9

I’m sure it will be 100% honest and informative.

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Rant: Daybreak Quietly Sold Off Cold Iron

And is now scrubbing any mention of it from their website.

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