Diaries From: I Played H1Z1 Again

Daybreak’s flagship game.

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Z1BR Never Reactivated Trading

As if we needed a reminder.

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H1Z1 Broken, Still No Season 10

Months down the line.

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Video: EG7 Talks About H1Z1

There is no team working on the game.

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Facts From the Enad7 Annual Report

On this episode of Attack of the Fiscal Dockets!

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Surprise! H1Z1 Teases Season 10

Coming soon to a thing in a place.

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Z1BR Shuts Off Trading To Stop Dupes

People are playing Z1 Battle Royale enough to find a dupe exploit.

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H1Z1 Seemingly Ends New Season Launches

Is it that time of the year already?

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Diaries From H1Z1: Let’s Talk Season 9 Rewards

It’s that time of year again.

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Spoilers: H1Z1’s New Season Is Still An Unmitigated Mess

Daybreak has no intention of fixing this mess.

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