Robin Flodin Completely Bought Out Of EG7

Solidifies owner’s ownership.

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Daybreak Has Cancelled Its Marvel Game

Writes off millions in losses from the doomed project.

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EG7 Selling/Evacuating Russian Subsidiaries

Both Innova and Toadman Interactive to be affected.

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EG7 Rebrands Sold Out To Fireshine Games

Alongside launch of Core Keeper.

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Enad Global 7 Posts 193% Growth

Lods of emone. Probably.

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Watch EG7 Talk To Ji Ham Right Now

Twenty six minutes of nothing.

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EG7 Will Host Video Presentation On Sept. 9

I’m sure it will be 100% honest and informative.

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Rant: Daybreak Quietly Sold Off Cold Iron

And is now scrubbing any mention of it from their website.

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Video: EG7 Talks About H1Z1

There is no team working on the game.

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Facts From the Enad7 Annual Report

On this episode of Attack of the Fiscal Dockets!

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