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Amazon Game Studios Suffers Layoffs, Cancellations

Amazon Game Studios confirmed this week that it has laid off dozens of employees in a report published by Jason Schreier of Kotaku. Affected employees have been told that they have 60 days to seek new positions within Amazon or they will receive a severance package upon dismissal. An Amazon spokesperson stated to Kotaku: “These […]

Electronic Arts Lays Off 350

Electronic Arts today announced that 350 positions will be cut from the company as part of a reorganizational effort to “meet the needs of our players.” In addition, the publisher plans on ramping down its operations in Russia and Japan. The entirety of the announcement by CEO Andrew Wilson has been posted below. Today we […]

ArenaNet Braces for Layoffs As NCSoft Tightens Its Belt

Kotaku’s Jason Schreier is reporting today that ArenaNet employees have been told to brace for big layoffs. According to the article, CEO Songyee Yoon emailed employees to inform them that due to declining revenue, the company will be cutting costs across the organization, and merging NCSoft and ArenaNet’s publishing divisions in the process. There has […]

Activision Blizzard Celebrates Record Results With Mass Layoffs

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick announced in an investor earnings call today that the company will lay off nearly 800 employees, mostly in non-game-development areas. The layoffs are expected to impact Activision, Blizzard, and King studios. The decision comes after the company achieved “record results” in 2018, however not as high as investors had hoped for. […]

Daybreak Game Company Hit With More Layoffs

Daybreak Game Company has decided to round out 2018 by laying off more employees, marking the second round for 2018 and one of many over the past few years. In a statement to Gamasutra, the developer referred to the layoffs as “optimizing our structure” to ensure continued success in the years to come. While Daybreak […]

Gamigo Buys Trion Worlds, Immediately Fires Most Of Company

Trion Worlds has been purchased by MMO publisher Gamigo, a story that might come off as a little more positive if it weren’t for the fact that they also sealed the deal by firing most of the company’s staff. According to a statement obtained by Gamasutra from an inside source, only 25 employees are remaining […]

Perfect World Entertainment Offers Statement on Motiga Layoffs

MMO Fallout has received an official statement from Perfect World Entertainment following reported layoffs at Gigantic developer Motiga, confirming that a team will remain on board and continue development of future content. In addition, the closure of the Seattle office at Runic Games is unrelated to the layoffs at Motiga. The statement in its entirety […]

Only A Couple of Months Left Before Wildstar Sunsets, According To Insider

The wounds haven’t even begun healing from the announcement earlier today that Carbine Studios would be cutting as much as 40% of its work force, and according to insider reports the layoffs are not complete. In fact, if this source is to be believed, NCSoft has already made the decision to pull the plug. According […]

Red 5 Studios “Optimizing” Development Resources For Firefall

Firefall is completely fine, in case November’s significant layoffs and December’s inability to fulfill payroll didn’t make it clear enough. But you can’t expect a company to flat out admit that times are tough, at least if the public relations department wants to keep their jobs. So instead, Red 5 sent out a memo to the […]

Layoffs Hit NCSoft Customer Support

NCSoft today confirmed to Polygon that it is moving its customer support operations to a third party, during which approximately 16 jobs will be made redundant. The layoffs affect internal customer support staff at the NCWest offices in Austin, Texas, and are the final phase of restructuring that began last October. According to Polygon’s source, […]

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