Rumbleverse Is Dead After Six Months

Servers to shut down February 28. Continue reading “Rumbleverse Is Dead After Six Months”

Shop Titans Hits Epic Games Store

Shop ’til you Titan. Continue reading “Shop Titans Hits Epic Games Store”

Fortnite Schedules Season Event For June 4

Mark your calendar.

Continue reading “Fortnite Schedules Season Event For June 4”

Fortnite Raises $144 Million For Charity

Donates to Ukraine relief.

Continue reading “Fortnite Raises $144 Million For Charity”

Fortnite Kills Building This Season

All battle, no building.

Continue reading “Fortnite Kills Building This Season”

Epic Commits All Fortnite Proceeds To Ukraine

Through April 3.

Continue reading “Epic Commits All Fortnite Proceeds To Ukraine”

Fortnite Teases Chapter 2 End (Trailer)

Ends on December 4.

Continue reading “Fortnite Teases Chapter 2 End (Trailer)”

Top 5: Fortnite China Quirks

That’s right, it’s time for a listicle.

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Valve Bans NFT Games As Epic Embraces Them

Two diametrically opposite reactions.

Continue reading “Valve Bans NFT Games As Epic Embraces Them”

Martin Luther King Jr. Comes To…Fortnite

Spin your tops all you want, this is the real world.

Continue reading “Martin Luther King Jr. Comes To…Fortnite”

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