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Destiny 2 Explodes On Steam, Six Figure Traffic

This may come as a massive surprise, but Destiny 2 has launched on Steam alongside its free to play update and players are flocking to the game in droves. The PC servers have attained over 220,000 peak concurrency in the past couple of days and people seem to be pretty happy. Current review scores for […]

Play Funcom’s Conan Threesome Free Over The Weekend

If you’ve ever wanted to play all three of Funcom’s Conan games and not have to pay anything for the privilege, you’re in luck. Starting September 19 and running through September 23, you can download Conan Exiles and Conan Unconquered. You can also play Age of Conan which was already free to play, but just […]

Steam Library Beta Shows Life After Clickbait Spam

The new visual update for Steam is here! Well the beta is, anyhow. You can download the beta by going to your settings and opting into the beta branch of the Steam client. It’s very simple and doesn’t require any external downloads unlike the previous trick to get ahold of the early version. The new […]

Microtransactions: Workhard Is Definitely A Game

I wanted to talk about Workhard because I spent money on this and I’d honestly feel bad about refunding it. Microtransactions is the latest column idea I had here for MMO Fallout because I can either play some incredibly cheap/short indie games with what little free time I have nowadays, or I can do the […]

Steam Cleaning: Banned Developer Creates Shell-Accounts

Where would we be if Steam’s worst developers weren’t so stupid? There have been hundreds of developers banned from Steam for various reasons of scumbaggery, and Valve doesn’t do a fantastic job of vetting the identity of creators so many of them have come back in one form or another. The latest developer to do […]

Last Week On Steam: Slightly Less Rancid Shrimp Edition

Digging through Steam’s weekly release list is like being a septic worker, only more people appreciate what their septic worker does for them. If you can’t tell, it’s not a column I like to spend too much time on because it makes me want to pick up the phone and call my mom and ask […]

[Not Massive] It’s Time For More Interesting Steam Games

Get that toilet out, it’s time for more Steam releases. What can I say about this week’s Steam releases other than to say it might be the worst week I have seen in a long time. Over 250 releases of which nine might be worth looking into. If you’re a fan of hentai puzzle sliders […]

Wasting Time: The Designers Curse: Chapter One

Today I played The Designers Curse: Chapter One. The game is available for free on Steam and it’ll clock in around thirty minutes of gameplay before you’re out and done. The game is meant to be the first chapter in a story line that will be roughly a buck for further chapters with each clocking […]

[Not Massive] Another Week Of Interesting Steam Releases

It’s that time again. This past week saw roughly 250 new games listed to the Steam store, and odds are a large portion of them are absolute trash. Actually, I can confirm that most of them look like absolute trash considering that out of those that actually came out, I could only find maybe sixteen […]

Steam Cleaning: Valve Now Moderating Workshop Submissions

You may have visited Steam’s workshop in the past and thought to yourself “this Counter Strike section could do with a lot less scam submissions in the workshop.” For those unaware, distributors of unsavory material have been targeting the Steam workshop for years by submitting fake maps with alluring titles offering free skins or free […]

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