Gamers Protest Dark and Darker On Nexon Steam

Nexon’s games are getting review bombed.

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Dark and Darker Goes Dark Over DMCA

Nexon sends cease and desist order.

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MapleStory Announces Blackpink Crossover

Coming soon.

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MapleStory M Kicks Off Summer Updates

New stuff.

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Vindictus Releases New Raid

For Vindictus.

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Mabinogi Announces Server Merger For April 14

Not April 20.

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MapleStory Upgrades To 64-Bit Client

32-bit client is going away.

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MapleStory M Adds New Dungeons

Also new events.

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MapleStory M Deploys Pathfinder Update

New character, new events.

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Vindictus Introduces Hero Dan-Ah

The nineteenth hero.

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