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MapleStory Explains Server Mergers With Worlds Unite Academy

MapleStory is merging servers and Nexon wants to make sure that you know exactly what is happening. The existing worlds will be reduced to five in the North American region: Scania, Bera, Aurora, Elysium, and the Reboot server. Maintenance starts late on August 27 and the servers aren’t expected to be back up until some […]

Nexon Talks: The Story of MapleStory

This week I got the opportunity to chat with a couple of the folks behind MapleStory, a game that you may have seen a fair amount of coverage here in recent months. Yes, this game that launched in 2003 is still going very strong, with major content updates coming out on a rather impressive schedule. […]

Maplestory Adds New Party Quest With Squadron of Heroes Update

MapleStory’s latest update goes live this week as Squadron of Heroes continues on from the major Pathfinder update earlier this summer. In the Squadron of Heroes update, players level 61 and up can take part in a new Ancient Ruins Party Quest for rewards, as well as partying up in cross world party quests that […]

MapleStory Adds Pathfinder Class Today

The Pathfinder is here! Nexon has announced the release of the much anticipated bowman class to Maplestory and now you too can finally log in create one of your own. The Pathfinder joins the ongoing fire leveling event offering 3x leveling speed for new characters, as well as the Adventure Island activities. More information is […]

Beta Impressions: MapleStory Rolls Out the Pathfinder

I played a bit of MapleStory this week. It probably comes as little surprise to my readers that I still have an active MapleStory account, and even less so that Nexon invited me over to check out the upcoming Pathfinder class release for the game. The Pathfinder is sort of an oddity as a character […]

MapleStory 14th Anniversary Event Goes Live: Play As The Pink Bean

As we noted previously, MapleStory’s 14 Anniversary event has gone live, and will run from April 24 through June 12. Events named after past seasonal updates will be available under the 14th Street event. Players will receive the 14th Street Fairgoer title at the start of the event and increase their reputation and stats as […]

MapleStory Kicks Off 14th Anniversary Event

MapleStory is turning 14 and wants you to join in on the celebrations. From April 24 through June 12, events named after past seasonal updates will be available under the 14th Street event. Players will receive a 14th Street Fairgoer title increase their reputation and stats as they complete missions. Once all missions are complete, […]

MapleStory HOlds Co-Promotional Event With Line Friends On April 24

Iconic MMORPG MapleStory will hold a co-promotional event introducing characters from the Line Friends title to Maple World in an upcoming event. The Line Friends X MapleStory event starts on April 24 and runs through May 21, 2019, and is available for all players with characters at level 61 and higher. The event will feature […]

MapleStory Retro-Theme Arcade Adventures Live

Nexon’s MapleStory has launched its latest event: Arcade Adventures. The Retro World Event runs until April 9 and can be enjoyed by players with characters of level 61 and above that will take them to 8-bit pixelated worlds where they can hunt monsters, collect coins, practice their dodging and jumping, avoid traps, and more. Promote […]

Maplestory M Launches Dragon Master Class

Maplestory M today has launched its latest update, introducing the new Dragon Master class Evan as well as minigames and seasonal events. In addition to the new quest, Maplestory M is also introducing the minigame station along with four new minigames. Players will be able to gain coins through the minigame station and use those […]

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