Heroes & Generals Is Officially Dead Now

Servers are offline.

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New World Lists Upcoming Server Merge

Find out if your server is on the list.

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Fortnite Finale Knocks Out Epic Games Store

Not only destroying the island in the process.

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New World: The Latest Merger List

New World server mergers.

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WoW Classic Is Merging Servers

Something I never thought we’d say.

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Mabinogi Server Merger Hits Turbulence

Apologies inbound.

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New World Will Merge More Servers

On April 15.

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Mabinogi Announces Server Merger For April 14

Not April 20.

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46 New World Servers Go Kaput Today

Absorbed into the great beyond.

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EverQuest 64-Bit Servers Hit February 15

The clients as well.

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