Heroes & Generals Is Officially Dead Now

Servers are offline.

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Heroes & Generals Sending Off Event

Limits accounts.

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Heroes & Generals Is Also Shutting Down, Folks

To bring the weekend to a close.

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Heroes & Generals Sold Off To TLM Partners

Who promise to treat the game well and all that.

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Heroes & Generals Has Battle Passes Too

Launches Season 0 this week.

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Heroes & Generals Retires One Day Membership

Reto Moto has announced the death of one day memberships in Heroes & Generals, to be replaced with three day memberships that can be bought at the cost of two days.

“1-Day Veteran Membership is now a thing of the past, give a warm welcome to the 3-day Veteran Membership! You get 3 days of Veteran Membership for the same price of 2!”

Heroes & Generals currently carries a 55% “mixed” rating on Steam with many reviews pointing toward complaints of pay to win aspects, heavy grind, and reliance on microtransactions in the shop.

Source: Heroes & Generals

Heroes & Generals Will Still Ban You If Your Cat Cheats

Heroes & Generals developer Reto-Moto has zero tolerance for cheaters, even if your cat is the one (allegedly) installing the nefarious programs. While cheaters are regularly banned in waves, the folks at Reto-Moto want anyone thinking of giving themselves an advantage to “try it out” should know that there is a zero tolerance policy in place. Cheat once, you’re gone for good.

  • Anyone who is found to have, at any point in time, used any kind of third-party software designed to cheat while playing Heroes & Generals will lose their accounts once the cheat has been confirmed.
  • Do not “try out” a cheat, not even once: You will be permanently banned on all accounts. Neither the legitimate players, nor we, care that you were only “trying it out”.
  • Do not expect to get away with excuses like “my brother / son / cat used my account”. You are responsible for any abuse perpetrated by anyone with whom you share your login credentials (which is also prohibited by the terms of service).
  • Confirmed cheaters who bought Gold will not be entitled to any kind of compensation whatsoever.

(Source: Heroes & Generals)

Heroes & Generals Rewards Team Play In Hallowes Update


Heroes & Generals is bringing in team rewards and phasing out its browser version. In an update dubbed Hallowes – XP for Friends, players will now find that acting as a team has its own rewards. The game now rewards experience for kill assists, protecting the team’s tank, and when other players use your vehicle’s weapons. The list of patch notes is massive, with tweaks to maps, guns, and more.

“As part of the update all maps have been improved to ensure a better gameflow and allow for more intense battles. Tweaks have been made to the animation system resulting in a smoother visual experience. And we have added more bicycles to the game.” -Jacob Anderson, Game Director Reto Moto

In addition to these tweaks, the browser version of Heroes & Generals is being retired in favor of the stand-alone client and Steam. The Reto-Moto team revealed that this decision is due to decreasing support from browsers for plugins.

(Source: Patch notes)

Heroes & Generals Boasts 8 Million Players


Heroes & Generals developer Reto-Moto is celebrating eight million registered players today as the flagship WW2 MMO celebrates its second anniversary. Initially launched in 2014, Heroes & Generals has been updated countless times in its tenure of early access.

“Two years ago we were one of the first 10 games to be greenlit by the community on Steam – that was an important event for the company and the game,” says Martin Pollas. “Being on Steam has been instrumental in growing the player base and strengthening our very engaged community. We look forward to keep on improving the game and bringing more content to players.”

Over the past year, the game has been updated with new weapons, vehicles, tanks, uniforms, and more. In that time, Reto-Moto has implemented more than twelve thousand tweaks and squashed more than three thousand bugs.

(Source: Reto-Moto Press Release)

Top MMOs That Need To Come To Consoles


The current generation of consoles have played host to a major surge in massively multiplayer games, with new titles releasing and being announced every month. To date, console gamers can enjoy titles like DC Universe, Planetside 2, Neverwinter, Final Fantasy XIV, Elder Scrolls Online, and more. With Star Trek Online recently announced for both Xbox and Playstation, MMO Fallout has decided to give its list of MMOs that need to make their way to the comfy couch.

MarvelHeroes2015 2015-06-26 22-49-05-29

1. Marvel Heroes

Now that Marvel Heroes has gamepad support, a launch on Xbox and Playstation is the next logical step. Imagine the appeal of sitting on your comfy couch and beating the crap out of Magneto as Captain America, or even as Magneto since he’s a playable hero now. Since both consoles support free to play fully, with open talks of cross-platform play, it isn’t entirely out of the question to see people on all three consoles playing together in harmony.

While Marvel Heroes hasn’t been confirmed for console launch, the prospect hasn’t been denied either. There were initially plans for release on PS3 and 360, which were scrapped after the game launched for a variety of reasons, including a need to focus resources on fixing what had been a heavily panned launch on PC.

2. Age of Conan

With Exiles set for release on consoles and Funcom on a tight budget, the odds of seeing Age of Conan come to Playstation and Xbox are probably slim to none. That being said, the game’s action combat could find itself perfectly at home with a controller, and the free to play model would introduce the game to a whole new category of gamer.

Incidentally, Age of Conan was also meant to come to consoles. Initially confirmed for launch on the Xbox 360, it took Funcom until 2011 to admit that the game wasn’t coming out, likely out of a combination of the poor reception of the PC version at launch and the technical limitations of the Xbox. Regardless, the game could find a new home on PS4/Xb1.


3. APB: All Points Bullet

Unlike the previous games on this list, APB is still hoping for a console launch, with Deep Silver confirming the game’s release in Q2 2015. While we are now one year late, and still without a current launch date, it is unknown exactly when the game will be coming out. Regardless, a third person shooter with cooperative/competitive elements is a sure fit for the consoles, albeit one that is now pretty dated.

You’ll notice a trend that these titles were previously confirmed for launch on Xbox 360 only to have their development quietly cancelled later on. A lot of developers wanted to be the first not-Final Fantasy MMO on Xbox 360, only to face the harsh realities of developing, releasing, and maintaining such a title and dealing with Microsoft’s policies of the time.


4. Champions Online

Since Star Trek Online and Neverwinter have console ports, it only makes sense to go back and bring back the title that started it all, Champions Online. Considering that, like most other games on this list, Champions Online was originally supposed to launch on the Xbox 360, it makes sense that Cryptic Studios already had a design drawn up on how to get the game working comfortably on consoles.

Much like Star Trek Online, Champions Online has a ton of content built up over years of development with fairly little competition on the consoles. Apart from DC Universe, there aren’t really any online super hero games to play on Xbox.


5. Heroes & Generals

It’s been a long time since console World War 2 shooters were fruitful and plenty. We haven’t seen a WW2 Call of Duty since 2008, Medal of Honor dropped out in 2007, Brothers in Arms was 2008, and Battlefield 2009. There is Battalion 1944 coming out in 2017, but otherwise the genre is pretty much dead on home consoles.

Heroes & Generals is just what the doctor ordered, a first person shooter that is still consistently updated, with plenty of replayability and a long progression system, and a genre that is ripe for the picking. Heroes & Generals is still in early access, so a console launch isn’t even being planned at this point while the PC version is finished.

What MMOs would you like to see on consoles? Let us know in the comments below.

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