Rift Is Recycling Battle Passes Now

Which happens when you lay off the entire dev team.

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GaaS: Did You Notice Lost Ark’s Pass Price?

Funny thing about that.

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Elyon’s Battle Pass Is Very Utilitarian

Checking out Elyon’s battle pass.

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Hotcakes: Make Battle Passes Suck Less

How more developers are figuring this crap out.

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Fracture: Tenrai Event Comes Back

Week two of the event is now live.

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Heroes & Generals Has Battle Passes Too

Launches Season 0 this week.

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RuneScape Adds Secret Santa

Alongside Wintumber battle pass.

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Halo Infinite Launches Another Mediocre Pass

Timegating and frankly mediocre rewards crush a second pass.

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GaaS: Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass Is Too Slow

Players argue against snail pace battle pass.

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Neverwinter Details Its First Battle Pass

Launching October 1

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