Rift Is Recycling Battle Passes Now

Which happens when you lay off the entire dev team.

Rift is back in the news, and no it’s not to announce that Gamigo is finally shutting the game down. Following massive layoffs, lying to investors and players about a big Q1 update, and persistently hiding the headcount of the remaining skeleton crew, Rift is ready to announce its next big update. A recycled battle pass. Yep, the Rift team is recycling battle passes as content now in addition to recycling events.

Players can progress through 30 levels of challenges by completing daily and weekly quests, thus earning Battle Pass experience points and rewards. The Battle Pass can be played for free and will reward players with various consumables and a set of artifacts that will literally make their pants burn – the “Pants on Fire” effect.

The Rift battle pass had six seasons starting in 2019 before being summarily cancelled when the last season ended in March 2021. They announced in April 2022 that rather than create new content, the team is just going to go back and reset those six battle passes so they can be sold a second time. Because Rift doesn’t have enough developers to fill a new 30-level battle pass with simple cosmetics, let alone provide the “great” update promised in their November financial report.

More news on recycled content as it appears.

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