Cultivation Tales Is Coming Back

May 4.

Cultivation Tales is coming back on May 4. Last month we talked about Cultivation Tales being yanked from Steam following server launch problems, and it seems the game is ready to come back online. The team announced this week that the game will return to Steam on May 4, with purchases reenabled for new players. As a result of the relaunch, the unconditional refund offer ends today (May 3).

After days of intensive development and testing, the new version of “Cultivation Tales” is now ready to be re-launched. We have communicated with Steam and plan to re-launch on May 4th, when the purchase button will be turned back on. At the same time, as the game enters re-launch process, the currently unconditional refund will also be closed from May 3. That is to say, “Cultivation Tales” will apply Steam’s general refund rules tomorrow.

Cultivation Tales is an open world survival crafting game by AC Games.

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