Fractured Online Terminates Gamigo Publishing

Game will be self-published.

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Hotcakes: Fractured Offline and the Death of Gamigo

Upcoming MMO ends sales amid talks of ending publisher deal.

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Fractured Online Hits Early Access September 15

It’s coming to get you, Barbara.

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Gamigo Sunsetting Atlas Rogues

Later this year.

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Fractured Online To Host Free Week

Starting May 25.

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Wizard101 Reclaimed From Gameforge

Gamigo reclaims publishing.

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Rift Is Recycling Battle Passes Now

Which happens when you lay off the entire dev team.

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Fractured Online Roadmaps 2022

Up to winter launch.

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Fractured Beta Now Available 24/7

That’s seven hours a day, 24 days a week.

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Hotcakes: With Rift, We Are Truly The April Fool

Shockingly the update has been delayed.

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