Fractured Online Terminates Gamigo Publishing

Game will be self-published.

Back in December Fractured Online announced it would be going into closed development due to “technical issues with a third-party backend platform.” Pretty much the entire internet knew this was a not-so-subtle nod that the problem was Gamigo, the video game equivalent of Gríma Wormtongue who saps the life out of MMOs while providing almost nothing in terms of support or promotion. When Gamigo updated its website and included no mention of Fractured Online, we suspected that the two were in talks to part ways.

Well the folks at Fractured Online posted an announcement today and confirmed what we all knew; Gamigo is awful, and have been terminated as the game’s publisher.

In order for these issues to be addressed fully, gamigo and Dynamight Studios have now resolved to part ways in 2023. This means Fractured Online will cease to be part of the gamigo portfolio and will be operated by Dynamight Studios. While we announce this news with a heavy heart, we all believe it is the best path for both the game and its continued development moving forward.

Over on the Discord there’s a bit more news on the game’s status and what people can expect when it goes back online in May. Particularly users can expect a revamped character progression system, new animations, new abilities, new monsters, changes to crafting, hundreds of bug fixes, and more.

You’ll also find that the starter continent of Myr has been completely removed with its content transferred to Aerhen and Terra. Good news for those of you who wanted to check out Fractured Online but were unwilling to give Gamigo business.

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