Fractured Online To Host Free Week

Starting May 25.

Fractured Online is not just an MMO in closed beta, but you can play it for free starting in a few days. The folks at Gamigo and Dynamight Studios announced today that a free week of Fractured Online will be coming May 25 and running through the end of the month.

“We are thrilled to offer MMORPG fans around the world free access to Fractured Online for a full week, no strings attached,” says Jacopo Gallelli, Co-Founder and CEO at Dynamight Studios. “There’s plenty to do within the free week, such as taking part in a robust player-driven economy, crafting items and gear for personal use or trade, or take up arms again various monsters or other players in PvE/PvP combat. What players do in game is completely up to them as they can either live an honest life as a shepherd, farmer, or crafter, or choose a more violent path of hunting and scavenging.”

Check it out. All you need is a functioning computer, the internet, hard drive space, time between May 25 and May 31, and at least one working finger to take part.

Source: Press Release

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