Last Oasis Yeets Lobbies, Adds PvE Servers


Last Oasis bills itself as a “nomadic survival MMO” and after more than two years on this planet the folks are ready to make some big changes. This week’s update to Last Oasis completely removes lobbies from the game, as the devs noted it made certain clans invulnerable for long periods of time.

While the lobby system was first and foremost meant to protect new players and allow them time outside of the game without needing to have friends online at all times, it didn’t end up working that way – eventually, the lobby made average clans invulnerable at times, and for actual zergs it ultimately enabled them to be almost invincible, making our risk vs. reward design for other parts of the game not work very well either.

It also introduces PvE maps where players can recuperate from heavy losses while working against lower spawn rates for resources. As the devs note, PvP maps will always be more resource rich, and players should expect multiple alterations as playtesting reveals avenues for exploitation.

Source: Steam

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