Snapshots: Defiance 2021

It’s going to MMO prison.

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Hotcakes: Rift Is Totally Getting Shut Down

Because Gamigo told us it isn’t getting shut down.

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ArcheAge Sunsetting Most Of Its Servers

Population becoming a problem at Gamigo.

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I Wanted To Write An Atlas Rogues Impressions Piece

But I couldn’t.

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How To Play ArcheAge Unchained Free This Weekend

You’ll need a coupon code and a functioning computer.

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PSA: Keep An Eye Out For Those Fat ArcheAge Settlement Checks

Try not to buy more than six Cadillacs.

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IPE Update: ArcheAge Settlement Terms Emerge With $420k Payout

With the motion for final approval of settlement details scheduled for April 17, it will have been four and a half years since the lawsuit over ArcheAge’s launch and boy has a lot happened in that time frame including the death of Trion Worlds as a corporate entity. Back in August we talked about how the lawsuit was finally coming to a close, owing mostly to the fact that the defense was being funded by the liability pool of Trion’s insurance company which would also be handling the payout, meaning the longer the lawsuit went without agreement on a settlement the less money would actually be available for the aggrieved parties.

Trion’s insurer has set aside an amount that while high isn’t exactly great. $420 grand for parties to make claims. You have until March 13, 2020 to make a claim, do nothing, opt out of the settlement, or object to the terms. Thankfully you don’t even have to do any receipt checking, as the website will let you submit your username or email associated with the Trion Worlds account and will calculate your eligible credits directly.

Payout of course is tied to the number of people submitting claims, so the more people who claim the lesser the individual payout will be. We’ll check in when the settlement is approved and payouts start going out to see what kind of compensation people are receiving.

Source: ArcheAge Settlement via MassivelyOP

ArcheAge Dealing With DDOS Attacks As Servers Strain

If you’re having trouble logging into ArcheAge today, you aren’t alone. Gamigo has stated via the official ArcheAge Twitter account that servers are dealing with several distributed denial of service attacks that the company is working on mitigating.

Players may have trouble logging in during this period.

Gamigo Using Negative ArcheAge Reviews To Tease Something New

Gamigo is doing something strange. If you head over to a teaser website that is inexplicably still using the Trion Worlds domain, you’ll find a countdown leading to roughly Monday 8/19 at about 7:40p.m. EST. Since I’m pretty sure that Gamigo isn’t celebrating the end of my court internship, I’m going to assume it’s something related to their games.

The teaser gets even weirder when you read the scrolling testimonials titled “people used to say.” The players are clearly talking about ArcheAge, but even stranger the feedback in a lot of the commentary isn’t positive. It’s actually pretty negative and has to do with the game’s perception as being pay to win or the struggle to find housing.

“The P2W is strong with this one… Really hard to recommend it with something like that weighting down the whole experience.”

“I played when the game first launched. I ended up quitting after a few months because I was unable to build a house.”

“I played this game for about 2 days but gotannoyed that every thing took labor points.”

So clearly this seems to be leading up to an overhaul of some sort with a focus on pleasing the people who quit because the game was too aggressive with its microtransactions and not user friendly in terms of player housing. MassivelyOP noted that earlier this year it was suggested that a monetization overhaul would be coming to the game at some point. Is this that update?

Only time will tell.

IPE Update: Trion Worlds Lawsuit Coming To A Close As Parties Agree On Settlement

(Update 8/10/19: Included some background information on the case for those who might not be as familiar)

It’s finally over, folks. After nearly four years in court, the Trion Worlds lawsuit may finally be reaching its final days.

Earlier this month in the superior court of San Mateo, California, dockets have been submitted to the court offering notice that the parties involved in the lawsuit have agreed in principle to settle the case. According to court filings, the terms of the settlement have not yet been documented, but will be coming in the near future.

It is also worth noting that payment for the settlement will come from Navigators Insurance Company, the insurer for Trion Worlds, and Trion Worlds will be dismissed from liability for the claims.

Plaintiffs and Navigators Insurance Company, the insurer for the officers and directors of Defendant Trion Worlds, Inc., have reached an agreement in principle to settle this case on class wide basis. The proposed settlement will provide for notice to the class members of the proposed settlement, payments to members of the proposed settlement class who file claims, and will release Defendant Trion Worlds, Inc. from liability for the claims asserted in this action. The parties are working to document all of the terms of the settlement.

At some point there will be notification for members of the class who will be eligible for compensation.

Four years ago, Aaron Van Fleet and Paul Ovberg along with other plaintiffs filed suit against Trion Worlds regarding their publishing of the game ArcheAge. The lawsuit alleged false advertising regarding pre-release advertising offering a 10% discount on cash shop purchases for subscribers. That 10% discount was later retroactively scrubbed from press releases and ultimately was scrapped entirely, with Trion Worlds replacing the deal with a 10% bonus on all gem purchases that did not extend to a number of customers that would otherwise be covered by the discount on shop purchases. The lawsuit also claimed that Trion’s loot box system violated California penal code against illegal lottery.

Since then, Trion Worlds has virtually gone bust with the company transferring its assets to another Trion Worlds and then selling off those assets to Gamigo. Their defense of this lawsuit has been primarily funded from liability insurance.

As always, dockets cited will be available in the MMO Fallout Google Drive. This file is labeled “settlement.pdf”. MMO Fallout will keep a closer eye on the lawsuit and update as new information becomes available.

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