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Beta Perspective: Defiance 2050 Is Hot Garbage, But Shows Promise

I meant to play and then discuss the latest episode of the Guild Wars 2 Living Story tonight, but since the game is a bit broken at the moment, I’ll talk about Defiance instead. I’ve spent a good few hours playing the Defiance 2050 open beta this weekend, and the thought that keeps going through […]

Trion Worlds Makes Glyph Great Again: Speeds Performance

Who doesn’t want a faster game browser? Don’t answer that. Trion Worlds has announced that its game platform Glyph should be running much smoother following an update aimed at improving client performance. Chiefly, the update removes the browser which was not only a hog of system resources but required a lot of maintenance in stability […]

Defiance Introduces Loot Karma For Patrons

  The Neo Votanis began this week and runs through October 10th, but there is more to do than simply knocking about the Shrill and Neo Votanis Front. Trion Worlds is looking to reward Patrons with armfuls of loot courtesy of the new Paradise Karma system. Paradise Karma is simple. Complete Major Arkfall events or purchase Synergy […]

Defiance Ditches Auction House After Instability

Trion Worlds has announced that the recently implemented auction house in Defiance is being removed, citing an inability to fix server issues that the update brought about. Players will no longer be able to place auctions on the exchange beginning today (July 25th) and the feature as a whole will be completely removed within a […]

Trion Worlds Loses Two, Not A Layoff

Trion Worlds has confirmed that the recent loss of two employees is not related to rumors of a layoff, which did not happen. Instead, Defiance/Devilian community manager Sarah “Kiwibird” Walters and a presently unknown member of Trion Worlds left of their own volition. In response, other community managers are stepping up their involvement with players, […]

Defiance Piling On Events This Month

Trion Worlds is celebrating three years of Defiance with events aplenty this month. Starting April 1st and going through the 25th, players will be able to engage with the Midsummer Mutiny, Hulker Hell, New Frontier Harvest, Solstice Strike, and Colony Courtship events. Players are also invited to share their memories of the game on social […]

Defiance TV Show Cancelled, Game Continuing

Trion Worlds has assured players that Defiance the game will continue long past the life span of Defiance the tv show, which is good news because the latter has been cancelled. Syfy announced that the television show will be getting the axe after three seasons, the latest not producing the kind of viewership that the […]

Trion Worlds At Gamescom: Infodump

Trion Worlds has announced a major info dump at Gamescom, with details regarding all of their first party titles. More information on individual updates will be coming in the next few weeks, but for today the company has pushed a small blurb on each title: Rift: Patch 3.4 introduces a new calling, the Primalist, along […]

Defiance Q&A Addresses PC/Console Performance Issues

Trion Worlds has published the latest Q&A for Defiance, addressing crossover content, Midsummer Mutiny, performance issues, and Warmaster instances. On Midsummer Mutiny, Defiance’s summer event, complaints have arisen over players being clustered together during holiday events leading to performance issues on lower end machines, issues that have become more prominent since the game went free […]

Trion Worlds Promises Defiance Announcement At Gamescom

Last week we reported that Trion Worlds had opened a thread on the Defiance official forums, requesting that people submit questions for an upcoming Q&A session. The results of the Q&A are available for viewing on the official website, nine questions and nine answers. When questioned on a roadmap for future content updates, Trion answered […]

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