Defiance Event Returns To Rift

The Hellbugs are back!

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Top 5: Games We Want Emulators For

But we don’t have.

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Snapshots: Defiance 2021

It’s going to MMO prison.

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Defiance/Defiance 2050 Shutting Down

Servers sunset April 29, 2021.

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Defiance Is Dead: On Xbox 360

It was a tough decision, like throwing out spoiled milk.

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Beta Perspective: Defiance 2050 Is Hot Garbage, But Shows Promise

I meant to play and then discuss the latest episode of the Guild Wars 2 Living Story tonight, but since the game is a bit broken at the moment, I’ll talk about Defiance instead.

I’ve spent a good few hours playing the Defiance 2050 open beta this weekend, and the thought that keeps going through my mind is simple: A relaunch of a five year old game should not be breaking even worse than the original launch, even as a beta. But over the span of several hours, I’ve had my game crash, sat and watched as it became virtually unplayable due to rubberbanding and screen freezing. I’ve seen creatures just randomly despawn, watched as my vehicle refused to show up or in some cases refused to perform basic tasks like turning. Even major functions like the entire tutorial and medic ability had to be disabled during the final beta before head start because they were either broken or were causing server crashes.

But then the weekend ended and the servers became kind of stable. The turning speed of the quad is still absolute garbage and makes driving a major pain, but that’s another story.

I suppose I should get two things out of the way: First, Defiance 2050 is a remaster for the current console generations and PC players are essentially along for the ride. Second, as a gamer I effectively left Defiance for dead around the time that Alcatraz released and Trion Worlds started experimenting with those expeditions that were initially lauded as money-grubbing. It’s around this point that I wrote it off as a dead title, its game code feeling like it was held together with chewing gum and string every time I would go back and find it feeling more and more broken.

I put well over 400 hours into Defiance and had no real motivation to go back, so I’m treating Defiance 2050 as a new world in and of itself.

If you played through the original Defiance beta weekends as I did all those years ago, well Defiance 2050’s beta won’t surprise you since it’s actually the same content but five years down the road. The big mechanical changes to get used to are the inclusion of classes, and subsequent movement of the massive EGO grid into a linear list of class-specific skills. Otherwise, this game still has a mass of activities to sink your face into, be it story missions, side missions, pursuits, major arkfalls, minor arkfalls, emergencies, sieges, incursions, contracts, pvp, coop dungeons, leveling your power, leveling your class, leveling your character, leveling your weapon proficiency, leveling your vehicle proficiency, and of course the age-old tradition of trolling chat.

I’d previously committed myself to playing Defiance 2050 solely on the Xbox, since the whole thing seems redundant to play on PC with the existing version still available on the platform, however this last beta weekend was PC only so I made due with what I had. Outside of the poor server performance, it’s hard to say much about this game that I didn’t say five years ago. After a while of shooting creatures and watching the screen stutter for five to ten seconds only to come back with my character dead on the ground, Defiance 2050 felt less like a happy reintroduction to the world and more of a grim reminder of why I quit in the first place.

That said, I haven’t completely given up on Defiance and am still waiting to see if Trion can turn things around post-launch. Do I have enough faith to buy into the founder’s program? Absolutely not, but I am willing to clock in on day one and give the game a real spin.

Trion Worlds Makes Glyph Great Again: Speeds Performance

Who doesn’t want a faster game browser? Don’t answer that. Trion Worlds has announced that its game platform Glyph should be running much smoother following an update aimed at improving client performance. Chiefly, the update removes the browser which was not only a hog of system resources but required a lot of maintenance in stability and security. According to the announcement on the Glyph website, usage has dropped from a previous 200mb when in the background to around 50mb.

There are other updates coming that should continue the trend of lightening the load.

(Source: Trion Worlds)

Defiance Introduces Loot Karma For Patrons

Defiance 2013-04-10 21-41-09-94


The Neo Votanis began this week and runs through October 10th, but there is more to do than simply knocking about the Shrill and Neo Votanis Front. Trion Worlds is looking to reward Patrons with armfuls of loot courtesy of the new Paradise Karma system.

Paradise Karma is simple. Complete Major Arkfall events or purchase Synergy lockboxes from the Defiance store to raise your karma. The higher your karma, the better odds of earning a jackpot, up to 100% or until you receive a jackpot and the counter resets. In addition to this system, Trion Worlds has made Patron even more enticing by upping the following perks:

  • Arkforge Gain: 100% (up from 10%)
  • Experience Gain: 100% (up from 20%)
  • Skill Gain: 100% (up from 20%)
  • Reputation Gain: 25% (up from 20%)
  • Ark Salvage Gain: 25% (up from 20%)
  • Scrip Gain: 25% (up from 20%)
  • Score Gain: 25% (up from 10%)
  • Ammo/Spike/Stim/Grenade Gain: 50% (up from 20%)

(Source: Trion Worlds)

Defiance Ditches Auction House After Instability


Trion Worlds has announced that the recently implemented auction house in Defiance is being removed, citing an inability to fix server issues that the update brought about. Players will no longer be able to place auctions on the exchange beginning today (July 25th) and the feature as a whole will be completely removed within a few weeks.

As you know, we’ve been working hard to review and implement fixes. However, several challenges remain that must be resolved for the sake of the game, which include preventing players from using third party programs to inject currency into the game, maintaining a stable game environment, and fixing any issues that prevent players from logging in to the game. Removing the Exchange helps solve all of these challenges.

There are no plans to bring back the exchange in the future.

(Source: Defiance)

Trion Worlds Loses Two, Not A Layoff


Trion Worlds has confirmed that the recent loss of two employees is not related to rumors of a layoff, which did not happen. Instead, Defiance/Devilian community manager Sarah “Kiwibird” Walters and a presently unknown member of Trion Worlds left of their own volition.

In response, other community managers are stepping up their involvement with players, including the following from Eric Cleaver.

“We remain strongly committed to Defiance and I’ll be stepping back out from my role in the background of Defiance a bit more. You may see some of our other Community Team members around the place too like Brasse. That is probably more appropriate in another thread, to avoid distracting from this one.”

Trion Worlds is presently hiring a human resources generalist in its Austin studio.

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