Snapshots: Jas Neophyte Skin

From RuneScape.

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Snapshots: Defiance 2021

It’s going to MMO prison.

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Snapshots: Clint Barton 1610 Outfit

Get it on PS+.

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Snapshots: The Llambro Is Here

Fortnite’s latest cosmetic pack.

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Reminder: V-Bucks Deposited On Billing Day

Snapshots mixed with a PSA of sorts.

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Snapshots: How To Unlock Immortals Twitch Skins

You just need to know where to look.

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Snapshots: RuneScape Healing The Scar

Today’s snapshot comes to us from RuneScape. Today’s update to the ever-expanding MMO finally healed the scar in Lumbridge, where players assisted in a battle between gods Saradomin and Zamorak going on four years ago. Since then the battle-scarred land has been used for everything from holiday events to summer beach parties. With today’s update, a bit of life returns to the region with all sorts of rabbits and imps walking around.

Also part of today’s update is a major overhaul to the game’s wardrobe system.

Snapshots: The Black Death Shots/Trailer


The Black Death is a 14th century survival game set in western Europe ravaged by plague and sickness. Currently in early access, The Black Death promises realistic professions, a huge open world with hundreds of NPCs, hundreds of items, and a large scale multiplayer.

Below, check out the latest trailer showing off the beggar class and other recent additions to the game. For more information, visit The Black Death on Steam.

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