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Snapshots: RuneScape Healing The Scar

Today’s snapshot comes to us from RuneScape. Today’s update to the ever-expanding MMO finally healed the scar in Lumbridge, where players assisted in a battle between gods Saradomin and Zamorak going on four years ago. Since then the battle-scarred land has been used for everything from holiday events to summer beach parties. With today’s update, […]

Snapshots: The Black Death Shots/Trailer

The Black Death is a 14th century survival game set in western Europe ravaged by plague and sickness. Currently in early access, The Black Death promises realistic professions, a huge open world with hundreds of NPCs, hundreds of items, and a large scale multiplayer. Below, check out the latest trailer showing off the beggar class […]

MMOrning Shots: Final Fantasy XPSIV

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from Square Enix, marking the launch of Final Fantasy XIV on the Playstation 4, not to be confused with the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy IV on the Playstation 14 set for release in 2078. If you have a Playstation 4 and enjoy a good MMO, grab a copy […]

MMOrning Shots: Live Together, Die Together

I recently started playing through Path of Exile with a group of friends, rather than going it solo. There is an organized chaos to playing Path of Exile with a party that usually ends up with people shouting “where did you go” and a long list of expletives if someone picks up an item that […]

MMOrning Shots: Perhaps Some Patience?

As I recently discovered in Final Fantasy XIV, when you encounter a boss that seals off the room, your best bet is to not wait for all members of the party to finish the short cutscene and go on ahead without them. Not to say that  my character is useful for much other than hurling […]

MMOrning Shots: My Nose Itches!

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from Sony Online Entertainment with Everquest Next. With the voxel engine making everything destructible, naturally that Kerran should be able to chop those flowers down, throw them in a nice ceramic vase, and then throw the vase over the side of that cliff and watch it smash against the […]

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