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SOE DDOS’er Gets 27 Months In Prison, $95 Thousand Fine

Another Sony Online Entertainment hacker is going to prison after entering a plea deal with prosecutors. Austin Thompson of Utah pleaded guilty to his part in a denial of service attack on Sony Online Entertainment’s servers as well as other victims between 2013 and 2014. Thompson, for those who recall, headed the hacker group Derp […]

Landmark Steam Launch “Mostly Negative,” Traffic Mostly Absent

Landmark’s launch on Steam last week, optimistically, should have been a positive thing. The game has been in development for a long time, suffered through the loss of its companion MMO, the sale of its developer and subsequent layoffs, and the sunsetting of a large number of titles on the launchpad that it shares. It should […]

Half-Elfs Break Everquest’s Progression Server

If you’ve been waiting for Daybreak to unlock the Ragefire progression server for Everquest, you’ll be waiting a bit longer. The server has been taken down due to a bug allowing players to log in with fully-formed level 50 characters. The Daybreak team is currently looking into what caused this. Half-elf bard’s broke #Everquest. 🙁 […]

Breaking: Dave Georgeson Departs Daybreak Game Studio

Yeah, I’m sorry folks but it’s true. LM, eqn, eq and eqii are no longer guided by moi. Other dreamers will steer now. — David Georgeson (@DaveGeorgeson) February 11, 2015 Dave Georgeson has announced via Twitter that he is no longer involved in the Everquest franchise. Update: Daybreak Game Studio has confirmed a big round […]

H1Z1 Wipes Servers For Update

H1Z1 is back up from this morning’s content patch, and while the update introduces numerous mechanical changes to the game it also comes with a full wipe for all servers. The update includes bug fixes, alterations to recipes, and other convenience updates to make life a little better in the zombie apocalypse. Players will be […]

SOE Now Daybreak Game Company

Sony Online Entertainment has made a shocking announcement, revealing that the company has been acquired by Columbus Nova and will be spun off from the Sony brand. The news was revealed just minutes ago on Reddit. This means that effective immediately SOE will operate as an independent game development studio where we will continue to […]

Diaries From H1Z1: The Apocalypse Cometh

Generations from now, humanity’s survivors will look back and wonder how did we fail? What caused the virus that wiped out 90% of the world’s population? Was it a plague, disease, or wrath of god? No. The fall of society came when Taylor Swift announced that she was retiring from music and would only release […]

DC Universe Online Reclaiming Inactive Names

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that inactive names will be reclaimed later this month. In a post on the official website, players have been warned that characters that have not been accessed since July 20, 2013 will have an underscore and Roman numeral attached to their names, although the account and character itself will remain […]

Planetside 2 Automated Turrets Being Balanced

Sony Online Entertainment is currently planning on implementing automated turrets into Planetside 2, and is soliciting feedback via the forums and through an update set to hit the public test server in the next few weeks. Turrets will be stationary objects, likely only available to the engineer class, and the hope is to release them […]

DC Universe Previews New UI

DC Universe is set to get a makeover with the introduction of UI 2.0, and you can get a sneak peek with the following nine minute video. The new interface is designed around a PDA theme and is looking much sleeker, with various menus consolidated and much easier to navigate. Information is more organized and […]

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