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Everyone Missed It: Daybreak Permanently Closes Everquest Player Studio

Since Daybreak has fallen out of the public spotlight, nobody notices when they shut things down anymore. Flashback to March 1 and you will find producer Nick Silva stating that the player studio is absolutely not dead, and will in fact return better than ever. “In the meantime, we will be evaluating options for overhauling […]

Both Everquest Titles Reveal Upcoming Expansions

Everquest and Everquest 2 are set to receive their next expansions, and yes I said expansions. In both cases, more details are expected to be released on October 1st, alongside a live stream where Daybreak will be running through some of the new zones. For Everquest, the expansion includes 15 new raids accompanied by new […]

Everquest 2 To Merge Servers

Daybreak Game Company has announced that servers for Everquest II will be merged at some point in the near future. In the latest producer letter, Holly Longdale announced that servers will be merged ahead of upcoming cross-server dungeon tech, with more details to follow in the coming months. We’ll give you specific dates as we […]

SOE Abolishes Gold Limits To Promote Krono

The Krono is an item similar to PLEX in that it is purchased on the cash shop and can be traded between players for in-game currency, and then redeemed for a month of subscription. The idea behind the item is to undercut gold farmers and (in the case of Everquest II) to allow for the […]

Everquest II And Cancer: A Froglok’s Story

This is a depressing post but I need some help.  My 6 yr old son has cancer and was recently given 6 – 12 weeks to live. He has a frog that he likes to run around Tenebrous Tangle Island on; however, it is sparse and he has requested to add trees, fences, stairs, animals […]

John Smedley’s Twitter: Everquest II Free To Play Statistics

John Smedley strikes me as a guy who likes to display his company’s achievements. After all, who can blame him? Sony Online Entertainment has one of the most dedicated group of jaded gamers than any other company, so the opportunity to throw your achievements in their face is one that should be taken at any […]

Veteran Rewards For Free Players? Sony Breaks The Rules

If 2011 is any indication, Sony Online Entertainment has been working hard to keep their players in good faith and put the old Sony (the one that would fundamentally alter a game years after release) behind them, even if it means busting the norms of free to play conversions. Everquest 2 players are already aware […]

Everquest II’s Free To Play Meets Minor Delay

Everquest II: Age of Discovery is the eight expansion in a growing list for Everquest II, and also marks a rather substantial undertaking for Sony Online Entertainment. Yesterday, servers for both Everquest II and Everquest II Extended were brought down in preparation for a merger of the two games into one free to play service, […]

Splitting Everquest 2 Services Bad Idea, Merging In December

Let’s be honest, who among us did not see this service merger coming? Back when Sony announced Everquest 2 Extended, and how the game would be its own product split from Everquest 2, I questioned how long it would be before the Everquest 2 community either filtered into the service or filtered out completely, and […]

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