EverQuest 2 Announces Coffers and Coffins

Update coming this month.

EverQuest 2’s next big update is here, and by here I mean right around the corner, and by right around the corner I mean April 12. Coffers and Coffins features season 4 of the Overseer as well as much requested changes to the Overseer minigame. The beta test for the 64-bit client is continuing on with a tentative full launch date of July 2022.

Those looking forward to the next time-locked expansion server can check out Varsoon launching this May 24. The server will use the free trade ruleset, which does exactly what it sounds. Most items can be traded between players, only your characters can never leave the server. Sorry. And of course Daybreak is hard at work on the next expansion for EverQuest 2.

Source: Press Release

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