Guild Wars 2 Launching Season 1 Content

On April 19.

It’s been nine years since Guild Wars 2 launched its season one content, and we’ve been hearing on and off ever since that eventually that content would come back in a replayable form. Well it finally is. Arenanet announced this week that Living World Season 1 content will come back this month, April 19 to be exact. The content is being updated to fit the current Guild Wars 2 structure, as well as to flesh out the story and edit some text.

As originally released, Living World Season 1 wasn’t designed to fit within the Story Journal, so we’ve restructured the content to feel more natural alongside our modern content. These old instances didn’t need to be played in a specific order, so we wanted to make sure that Season 1 felt playable in a more linear fashion. We’ve also made small, impactful adjustments to make the story feel complete and fleshed out given these changes. Our standard of storytelling has evolved over the last ten years, so we’ve taken this opportunity to edit some of the older text and add some additional lore books in Episode 1 to meet our current standards and characterization.

The good news is you don’t have to log in right away to unlock this content, it will be made free permanently.

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