Guild Wars 2 Launching Season 1 Content

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Guild Wars 2 Delays Expansion To 2022

Brings back familiar face.

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Video: Guild Wars 2 Season Finale

Icebrood Saga comes to an end.

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Arenanet Apologizes For GeForce Now Bans

Is in the process of reversing them.

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Guild Wars 2 Steam Release On Indefinite Hold

To work on the next expansion.

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Steam: Guild Wars 2 Hits Digital Platform In November

Get your second war of guilds this year.

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Guild Wars 2 Suffers European-Style Rollback

ArenaNet is looking into it.

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Guild Wars 2 Announces Next Expansion

Absolutely no information available.

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Icebrood Saga Comes To Guild Wars 2 Next Week

Guild Wars 2 is set to release the first episode in the Icebrood Saga on November 19. The episode is titled Whisper in the Dark and introduces new gameplay systems and activities for players to cut their teeth on.

  • A new map, the Bjora Marches
  • Four new multi-tier Mastery tracks fueled by norn spirit magic: Essence Manipulation and Raven Attunement
  • Three new Strike Mission bosses, including the grim and sinister Boneskinner, that rotate weekly and provide unique rewards for players who defeat them
  • A new two-tier upgradable Ancient Boreal weapon set
  • A new Raven-inspired exotic scepter skin
  • A campfire s’mores roasting kit

Check out the trailer below.

Mike O’Brien Leaves ArenaNet

Mike O’Brien has announced today that he is departing ArenaNet to create a new startup studio. The notice was given via the official Guild Wars 2 website with Mike stating that he wishes to “go back to the beginning and make small games again.”

We couldn’t have known then the extent of the journey we were embarking on or all the wonderful and talented people who would join us along the way. For the past two decades we’ve gotten to work with brilliant developers and advisors, we’ve enjoyed an amazing relationship with the Guild Wars community, and were able to pursue the games of our dreams.
I’ve appreciated every moment of it. But the time has come for me to take a step back. Next week I’ll join some of my friends in forming a new studio. We’ll go back to the beginning and make small games again.

O’Brien is one of the original founders of ArenaNet after leaving Blizzard in 1999, and has held a few titles on Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 over the years. His announcement can be found at the official website.

Source: ArenaNet

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