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Mike O’Brien Leaves ArenaNet

Mike O’Brien has announced today that he is departing ArenaNet to create a new startup studio. The notice was given via the official Guild Wars 2 website with Mike stating that he wishes to “go back to the beginning and make small games again.” We couldn’t have known then the extent of the journey we […]

Guild Wars 2: The Icebrood Saga Prologue Is Here

Today marks the launch of the next phase in the Guild Wars 2 living story. The prologue sets up the story for season five and introduces a new cast of characters for the Pact Commander to meet as they investigate a new threat. The Icebrood Saga is a totally new story in the world of Guild Wars […]

Guild Wars 2 Teases New Living World Chapter

ArenaNet this week dropped new information about the next chapter in the Guild Wars 2 living world story. The Icebrood Saga is the newest collection of episodic content and opens up on September 17 with the prologue episode, Bound By Blood with episode one releasing later on in the autumn. The Icebrood Saga marks the beginning […]

[Video] ArenaNet Teases Next Living World Episode

War Eternal is coming #GuildWars2 #GW2LivingWorld #GW2 — Guild Wars 2 (@GuildWars2) April 5, 2019 Today’s video comes to us from ArenaNet, who this week are teasing the next episode in the Guild Wars 2 Living World season. The trailer doesn’t give away much, including a release date which is yet to be released.

ArenaNet Delays Update Amid Layoffs

ArenaNet has announced that the World v. World mount, The Warclaw, has been delayed until March 5 amid ongoing layoffs at the company. The entire announcement has been posted below. “Last week, we announced the upcoming release of our new WvW mount, the Warclaw. Unfortunately, this release will be delayed until Tuesday, March 5. In […]

ArenaNet Braces for Layoffs As NCSoft Tightens Its Belt

Kotaku’s Jason Schreier is reporting today that ArenaNet employees have been told to brace for big layoffs. According to the article, CEO Songyee Yoon emailed employees to inform them that due to declining revenue, the company will be cutting costs across the organization, and merging NCSoft and ArenaNet’s publishing divisions in the process. There has […]

Take On Kralkatorrik Tomorrow In Guild Wars 2: All Or Nothing

Guild Wars 2 is always looking at ramping up the action and drama, and everything comes to a head on January 8 as Tyria’s finest finally take on the elder dragon Kralkatorrik. In the culmination of the ongoing story started with Path of Fire, players will rally the forces of Tyria to defeat the crystal […]

Guild Wars 2 Partially Disables Gem Store For Belgian Players

Arenanet has confirmed in a statement that a recent change blocking Belgian players from accessing the gem store is indeed a response to local legislation regarding loot boxes. Arenanet staffer Gaile Gray noted that Arenanet is seeking “flexible solutions,” and that for the time being purchases of certain “We recently disabled Gem purchases for players […]

Guild Wars 2 Launches A Star To Guide Us, Living Story Episode

(Editor’s Note: Guild Wars 2 Living Story spoilers ahead) It’s been a while since we last checked in on the Guild Wars 2 living story, and just in time as Episode 4 launches this week. Coming off the heels of Long Live the Lich, Palawa Joko is no longer a threat to the world of […]

Download the Kung Fu Tea App, Get Guild Wars 2 Heroic Edition Free

Arenanet and Kung Fu Tea might not be as iconic a duo as Bonnie & Clyde or peanut butter and banana, but what their partnership can bring you is a free upgrade to the heroic edition of Guild Wars 2. For the month of September, you can download the Kung Fu Tea app on your […]

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