Guild Wars 2 Launching Season 1 Content

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Guild Wars 2 Delays Expansion To 2022

Brings back familiar face.

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Video: Guild Wars 2 Season Finale

Icebrood Saga comes to an end.

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Arenanet Apologizes For GeForce Now Bans

Is in the process of reversing them.

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Guild Wars 2 Steam Release On Indefinite Hold

To work on the next expansion.

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Steam: Guild Wars 2 Hits Digital Platform In November

Get your second war of guilds this year.

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NCSoft Q2 Financial Highlights: Lods of Emone

What’s that spell? Loads of money! Probably.

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Guild Wars 2 Suffers European-Style Rollback

ArenaNet is looking into it.

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Guild Wars 2 Announces Next Expansion

Absolutely no information available.

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Video: Guild Wars 2 Shadow in the Ice Trailer

Arenanet today released the latest trailer for the Icebrood Saga. Shadow in the Ice introduces a new expanded map, new tier 3 upgrades, raven attunement, raven armor set, and world boss Drakkar.

Shadow in the Ice launches January 28 and is free for current expansion pass owners.

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